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Harley C

Hi! I’m Harley, I’m 20 and from Highland Park, IL. I’ve been a part of Camp Agawak since 2012. I enjoy spending my summer on Blue Lake at the waterfront and ski docs. I’m excited to meet and get to know all of you!

Evelyn C

Hello everyone! I'm Evelyn, I'm 20 years old and from México. I have experience in cooking. I am excited to live this experience and connect with nature and know about American culture.

Lizeth C

Hello everyone! I’m Lizeth, I’m 21 and from Mexico. This is my first year being part of Camp Agawak. I’m excited to connect with nature and all of you!

Ella C

Hello everyone, I am Ella and I am 20 years old from Western Australia. I am qualified in outdoor recreation and coaching, I absolutely love being outdoors and hope to bring many new skills to camp, Im so excited to meet everyone and create so many amazing memories!

Audrey C

Hi everyone ! My name is Audrey and I’m coming from Texas. I have about 3 years of nursing experience. This will be my first year at Camp Agawak and I am so excited!

Aliza C

Hi everyone! I’m Aliza, I’m from Chicago and I’m 17. I have been spending my summers at Agawak since 2015 and I will be a new staff member this summer. I can’t wait for a great summer with all of you at camp!

Jennifer C

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer, I’m 23 and from Glasgow, Scotland. I have been part of Camp Agawak since 2022 and I will be returning to Camp this year as Head of Gymnastics. Agawak is such a happy and peaceful place and I’m blessed to be able to come back to Blue Lake again. I am very excited to reunite with lots of familiar faces and meet some new ones too! See you very soon.

Noa C

Hi!! I'm Noa, I am 18 years old and I will be graduating Highland Park High School this year! I have been going to Camp Agawak since 2015, and this will be my second year on staff. I am so so excited for summer 2024 and can't wait to make this the best one yet!!

Carlos C

Hello everyone! I'm Carlos, I'm 27, and from Mexico. I am maintenance staff and I am happy to help you have a better experience. I am excited to be back to Agawak!

Chandler C

Hello I'm Chandler, I'm 20 and from Madison. I've been at Camp since 2021. I'm a qualified boat driver and ski instructor. I can't wait to see you all on the ski dock!