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Kate T

Hello everyone! I'm Kate, I am 24 and from Minocqua, WI. I worked at Camp Agawak in 2021 and am excited to be back again this summer! When I am not at camp, I am a high school English teacher.

Caitlin T

Hi everyone! I'm Caitlin from Sydney, Australia and I'm so excited to be joining Camp Agawak. I'm 18 and love being outdoors, I also enjoy creating arts and crafts projects.

Zoe T

I am 24 years old and from Minocqua, Wisconsin. I enjoy spending time outdoors, even in the winter. During the school year I work as a paraprofessional. You can find me either reading a book in the shade or at my workbench crafting something!

Cindy T

I´m from Oaxaca Mexico. I've been working in the Camp Agawak kitchen since 2016. I love the videogames, manga and anime. I'm really excited to be back! See you all on pizza Friday!

Katia T

Hi! My name is Katia, I’m from Mexico. This will be my first year at camp Agawak, you can find me in the kitchen! I’m looking forward to meet everyone and spend an amazing summer together:)

Karah T

Hello! I am the mother of a first time Agawak Girl and was an Agawak camper myself (Go Blue!). I am also an Emergency Medicine Physician in Minneapolis and will be joining the health staff for the first 2 weeks of camp this year. I am so excited for a safe, fun, amazing summer!