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Karah T

Hello! I am the mother of a first time Agawak Girl and was an Agawak camper myself (Go Blue!). I am also an Emergency Medicine Physician in Minneapolis and will be joining the health staff for the first 2 weeks of camp this year. I am so excited for a safe, fun, amazing summer!

Kat T

G’day. My name is Kathryn (but you can call me Kat) and I am super excited for my first year at Agawak! I am a quirky 18-year-old living in my home of Brisbane Australia while on a gap year before starting a degree in film and screen production. I am a very creative person who loves film, singing, acting, choir, musical theatre and everything in between and I'm really look forward to sharing the love that I have for the arts with the campers this year. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Wiktoria T.

My name is Wiktoria and this will be my 1st summer at Camp Agawak! I’ve always been into sports mainly Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu, fitness and Zumba. Can’t wait to spend an amazing summer together and meet everyone! ☺️

Margo T.

Hi everyone! My name is Margo, I was born and raised right outside of Madison WI. I am 20 years old and just finished my second year at UW Madison. In high school I played hockey and lacrosse so I love being active. Everything outdoors is a blast and I can't wait to have a summer out in the sun before finishing college. I have not been a councilor before but have been to summer camp.  I am very excited to spend the summer with you guys.