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Lexie B.

Hi! My name is Lexie Bergman and I will be a JC1 this year. This will be my ninth summer at camp. I go to Deerfield high school and will be a senior! Camp is my favorite place ever! I love to workout, swim, hang out with friends, bake and be in the sun. My favorite things at camp are sailing, kickboxing, lipsyncs, gold rush and of course tubing!!

Jenna B.

Hi! My name is Jenna Berk and I live in Deerfield, Illinois. This will be my 9th at camp and my first on staff. Next fall I will be at senior at Deerfield High School. My favorite things to do at camp are waterskiing, swimming, hanging out with my friends and campers, and Blue and White! I can’t wait for this summer!

Ashley B.

I am from Florida originally, but moved to Winchester Wisconsin. I love warm weather! I love to paint and do photography! Having fun outdoors and being with my loved ones is what I love the most! I will be doing the photography for all Camp Agawak Girls and Counselors! This is my first time taking pictures for a camp besides my school, and I am very excited to be a part of the Agawak family!

Paige B.

Hi!! My name is Paige Bordo and I am so excited for camp this year! It will be my 9th summer and first year on staff! I am from Highland Park IL and just completed my junior year at Highland Park High School. Outside of school, I love to dance and spend time with family and friends! At camp, you can find me at the waterfront swimming and skiing! I can’t wait to be on staff this year and am so excited to meet all the new campers!!

Julie B.

Hi, I am Julie, the fishing instructor at Camp Agawak.  I am a semi retired floral designer and nature crafter, who LOVES to fish! This will be my third year at camp. I really enjoy teaching the girls how to bait, catch, and release the fish on Blue lake. I started fishing at a very early age, fifty years later, I still fish often ,both open water and on the ice. My husband and I raised two boys who are excellent fishermen and we all have won tournaments. The girls will learn how to put on worms, handle the reels and jig for fish, we catch a lot! They will also learn how to grab the fish and release it carefully. If they aren’t comfortable with that,( the fish swallow hooks sometimes) I will do it for them. We average 200- 300 fish a day, over six periods! Looking forward to another fun year!

Amanda B.

Hi! I’m Amanda and I’m from Northbrook, IL. I can’t wait to spend my 11th summer at Camp Agawak!! I love camp and can’t wait to be back for my second year on staff! In the Fall, I will be a freshman at Tulane University where I plan to study neuroscience. During the summers you can find me on the waterfront, swimming and skiing all day or planning Olympic Day along side my friends Halle and Tatum! I am so excited to be back on blue lake meeting all the new campers!!!

Madilyn Brown

Hi! My name is Madi and I am from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. At camp you can find me on the waterfront all day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m super excited to be back in the North Woods with my favourite people!!

Farah Baria

Hi Guys! Im Farah and I'm from Surrey, England and this will be my 3rd summer on Blue Lake. Camp Agawak is my favourite place ever and I'm beyond excited to be spending my summer here again, being a counselor again fills me with so much joy especially as I get to see and be a part of watching my campers grow as they lead camp this summer. 

You will find me at the Tango Tower and on the snorkeling boat spending the day on beautiful Blue Lake. But most importantly with the biggest smile on my face!

I'm counting down the days till we are all in the lodge having a dance party!!